Spring is Springing at my House

Just a week or so ago this was my
Today, this is them.
And I actually dug some up and
moved them....
I got these from the woman that
use to watch my children.
I planted them at my other
house but when
I moved 21.5 yrs ago
I dug them up and brought them
with me...
I have had them about 24 yrs.

I have a creek that runs right next to my
driveway. I have tried for yrs to
get ivy to grow there but I guess it
never got enough water cause it
never took hold.
a couple of yrs ago I emptied a pot
that had some in there that looked
like it was dying. But look
at it now.

Growing all over one area.
Lemon sage.
Smells like lemon pledge.
Never cooked with it but
that is what it is for.
I have had this plant about 24 to 25
yrs also. It has been moved
around the yard several times,
and it spreads.

Out of my iris' this is the
only one blooming.

This one is on the same plant.
Took this shot Tuesday evening.

This is the same flower, took it Wed., yesterday.

A wild violet.

This shot was taken a week ago,
my hydrangea's coming up from
the roots.
They are up a lot more now.
I had the bed around the tree for a while
but I decided to make another one on the other
side of the downspout.
Got the rocks out of the creek.
And I moved some Hosta to that spot also.  
The little Gnome down near the bottom
of the pic was gotten for a special reason.
I picked it up at Old Time Pottery a few
weeks ago. I got it cause my
son is coming in from California in
July and I wanted it to remind him of home...
He has a neighbor next to him in California that
has several Gnomes in the front yard.
Cory would come in late from work and he
would go over there and inch all the
Gnomes up a few inches....it
took several times of this before the
neighbor finally caught on and
moved them back. Last I heard my son
was inching them up to the house again!
Just a good laugh when he gets here..
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I love looking at your pictures of the flowers and such. :)

I'm in nashville, and it's amazing how much more green y'all have. Especially on the trees.


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