Depression and Eggs to Pots and Guns

Yesterday I touched on depression and 
also acceptance from one you love.
I need to put this out there more like 
I do the fibro, awareness is somthing 
that needs to be looked at more. 

I have not had many ups and downs with
depression in several years, my 
fibro med is used to treat Fibro,
depression and OCD.

Life should get interesting now
that I am trying life without meds.

With that said, DEPRESSION 
is an illness but it is an illness
that can lead to death of oneself
of others. Be aware of family and friends
around you that might need that
extra help and love.

I am a FIRM believer of 
If you need them, take them to help
you through the rough spots.

With all that said, Dara you might 
want to share with hubby. 
My friend Debbie introduced me 
to this, and keep in mind when Debbies
mom was alive they found the coolest,
strangest and neatest gadgets!

This is an electric egg cooker.
It will boil in 6 eggs in 6 mins
or less depending on if you want 
soft or hard boiled.
It will pouch and do an omelette.

I tried my six eggs (you can do less)
for hard boiled the other day and 
a few mins later I get this beep
coming from the ktichen.
It beeps to let me know my eggs are
done and it shuts itself off.

YAY...I NEED all and everything
if it will shut off on its own.
Years ago after running home when 
1/2 way to work to make sure
I turned off the curling iron, the 
stove or the iron (MANY TIMES)...
I started to replace items that would
shut off when a certain amount 
of time went by.
So it was great to have this
so I don't have to stand over my eggs.

Peels really easy also.

Now I mentioned the stove. Yes, every
morning when my kids were growing up
I got u early enough to cook breakfast for them.
And since the stove would not cut off
by itself....I had to start telling
myself that I cut it off. I found it
I did that while cutting it off and saying
it out loud that I was doing it...
then on that "did you do" thought....
I would usually remember I did.

I purchased this item the other
day. It is a bluetooth speaker.

After finally getting my phone to 
except this the other day...I am 
up and going with it.

my fave pot bit the dirt so to speak.
Oh well, I don't throw this stuff
out, instead I just lay it in the 
flower bed and it adds 
not only color but fun.

I was doing a phone dump the other
day. I had so many pics on the phone
that just needed to go. Some have been
on there forever, moved from the other 

This shot of me was one.
M4 I think. I was in charge of my
units inventory when I worked 
for the TBI. Special Agent in Charge
was retiring and I was taking in 
his inventory...
Course I had to have this shot.
Hard to get while holding a gun
and holding the other hand with the
cell camera out to catch the 

With this agent that I think the 
world of, all of 4'8 or 9 (maybe), woman 
walked by and her remark was~
"OH good God, who gave Pam a gun?"

Not sure, can't remember if I share 
these before. My youngest grandson
Braden wanted shells from the beach when
we were there. Him and I walked along the
shore picking little ones up (no big ones 
to be found). Then my middle grandson 
decided he wanted some but he did 
not want to get out of the ocean
long enough to find any so Braden
collected him some too.

They needed a reminder of their
first time to the ocean and the 
beach. So nane fixed up some jars with 
their shells in them. 
They are on a bookcase their
moms living room so there is no
accidents. Tops were glued in place

Yesterday started tax free weekend
and I treated myself. 

Oh yay....good thing I have a few 
photo shoots coming up and a paint
class...I need to restock my stash....
funds are running low...

And once again I use the term
fixed income 
a term I NEVER
thought I would use for me...


Sally said…
Good Morning, Pam.

Love what you did for the grand boys with making a remembrance of their time at the ocean. You always get the best ideas! :)

Darla M Sands said…
Neat egg cooker. Funny enough, my husband just said he needs to stop buying kitchen gadgets because we're running out of room. I reminded him we could hang things from the walls and ceiling. Heh... So sorry about your family troubles. From little clues dropped in your past posts I sort of guessed the source. ~hugs~ I wish you all the best, my dear. And great photo from the office!
Sandee said…
Yes if you suffer from depression you need to take your medication. It helps so very much.

Loved you with the gun. You're a natural.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the babies. ♥
I have heard of the electric egg cooker before, but have never tried one. You hold that gun well! LOL Such a sweet way to keep treasures from a fun time at the ocean! Fixed income.......sigh.........we also now know the true meaning of those two words.
Brian said…
Hey, we have that same egg cooker thing and it gets used lots and it does work good!
Christine said…
Yay on the ipad, I love ours, it's an old one.
Ann Thompson said…
So many people who suffer from depression don't get the help they need for it.
Good idea with the shells in the jar
MadSnapper said…
I can't wait to see photos taken with your ipad. I once followed a lady from KY through a museum peering over her shoulder. her kids gave her an ipad to take on vacation and the photos she got were AMAZING. she would show it to me and we would both say can't believe it. get snapping I am waiting.
my oldest son suffers from depression and is bi polar, so I am familiar with what you talk about here. ha ha on pam with a gun..... hope the NSA is not watchin your blog... ha ha.
Rhodesia said…
My biggest problem is when I have driven down the road wondering if I had in fact locked the front door despite having the key in my hand!!!. Take care love your posts. Diane
Liz A. said…
I just purged a bunch of photos from my phone, too. They automatically upload to my computer, and once they're saved there, I don't really need to keep them on my phone. But, we all do, don't we?
Pilar said…
What a neat egg cooker!
Dewena said…
I clicked on the "read more" on your current post but it would never go to the whole story, but came back to this post and so identified with you on the turning things off subject. I can't blame it all on old age because 20 years ago I left to pick the kids up at school, 1/2 hour away, and realized when I got there that I'd forgotten to turn down a pot of chicken that I was poaching to low from the high I started it at. Had to wait for the kids and then zoomed home just in time to avoid a meltdown but there wasn't a drop of liquid in the pot.

The photo of you from your TBI days is so cute! And the story that went with it.
Jeanie said…
Lots of good here but especially smart to remind people depression is an illness. I've had it, been on meds, not now for years but it really helped. Many things did.

Nice post. (And egg doodad!)

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