Habitat for Humanity Rehab Restore

I really like this store but my visit
on Saturday to the Lebanon store
did not produce much in what I
But I do have some pics of
some things I saw.
Look at all these. Did not get
any of them since I have a "few"
at the house already. Need to use
what I have before purchasing more!
You know...LIMITED
LOVED this window. Almost got
it but decided against it.
 I could see this as being a door
to a nice cabinet but....I would
have the build the cabinet and
unlike Gail over at My Repurposed
Life -
I don't have the building talent that
she does. This is a window that
I could see her making a cabinet
for it to fit!
Drawers, drawers and more drawers.
I love the shelves that I see these used
as on PINTEREST. I had been wanting
one for a long time and about a yr ago
I found one on the side of the road....
and it is at this point still on the bookcase
in the craft room.....just where
I put it when I found it.
So, no, I did not purchase any drawers
or cabinet doors, since I still have
some I have yet to use.

Knobs and hinges.

Windows and doors....

Wished I could have thought of something
for this....
course I would want to put it outside
to rust a bit before using it.

Showed you what I did not get so now
I will show the little bit I did
4x4 tiles.
5 for a $1.00

Makes great coasters. 
Two white glass knobs.
And these little spindle wooden
Now, I wonder how long they will
sit and wait to be used?

After that adventure off to Kmart my
friend Theresa and Debbie went.
I saw the most comfortable sofa
so yes, I had to sit and try it out...
and prop my feet....or one up!

Thanks for going to the rehab store with
us. Come visit again,


thanks for the shout out Pam! I love ReStore! :)

I've been to both in Nashville, but not Lebanon. hmmmm

Love looking at all the stuff. Can't wait to see what you do with your spindles and tiles!


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