More Quotes, The Cold and Caleb

More quotes from PINTEREST!
I had to save this one...
it is so me on any given day!
I am always telling my friends this so I
saved this one for them...
I actually found tis one on facebook
this morning...
I smiled as I read it, I also was
shaking my head yes to
each comment.
I did them all.

Oh no....someone has been
watching me!
I have crafts unfinished also along
with the laundry, and dishes.
Ask my mom, when I lived at home I
starts so many things and some are
still not finished to this day!

On this one though, my camera seems
to call me away more these days then
the crafts do.
Yep, you got it.

the cold has us all in its grips!
I shot this back in the summer at an art crawl.
I love it.
I remember a time when attending a party
of a woman that I took painting
with, someone asked me if
I was an artist too. I replied
with, "well I do paint"...
and at that time I feel an elbow in my back,
I turn and my teacher says, " Yes, she
is an artist," then looks at me
and says, "I don't ever want to
hear you say that you are not".
We lost my teacher last year but she
will always be carried in my heart!

Choo Choo!

And it has happened.
Hell froze over!

Yesterday the winter snow front came
through, it went below Nashville and
above Nashville.
We did not even get flurries...
but Atlanta got hit hard.

I think Mother Nature is Bi-Poplar and
really does need meds!
Sunday we were 63 and this morning
(Wed) when I left the house,
4 degrees!
Last quote...
so true.
I love to sing.
Can't carry a tune in a bucket
or out...
but I love to sing when no
one is around!
Makes me happy so that
is all that matters!
I love Raisin Bran cereal....
and I love milk but recently
I have taken to buying and drinking
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze...
Vanilla or Almond flavor.
I love it!
It you have not tried it please do.

I had my grandson, Caleb with me
Saturday and Sunday....
Oh my gosh, 13 yr old teen that
talks non stop!
Now to admit, my Christmas tree was
still up.
I took the ornaments off weeks ago
but I needed help getting the tree
back in storage.
Thanks Caleb!
But of course, he had to play before
putting the tree in the box.


The cold has gotten my dog
Course being spoiled don't help
This morning as I am getting ready for work.
I wished I could continue to lay there
under the cover and sleep....
I had to push him to get him up
to go. 
Last night him and I were veggie on the couch.
I had the electric throw out and on, laying on
it and covered with the throw.
Dakota was laying at my feet, I
under the cover and on the throw...
I heard a loud sigh and out crawling on
his belly he comes.
Got hot I guess!

And this is the ride to grandma's house
for the day.
He is on his pillow, two throws and
the heat on him...

Thank you for stopping,


Rebecca said…
Fun post...
Had to laugh at the procratination. - I'm quilty of that one.

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