Not Giving a SIP

This is basically how I felt
Friday and yesterday.

Actually I slept most of the day
After my outing the other night
in the cold staying with Roxy I
have been dealing with pain
and fatigue. 
The pain yesterday was the 
type that wears me out.
It is what I call the burning pain.
It feels like just under the skin
is on fire. Today it feels so
much better.
I might manage to get something
done today.

On the way back from the barn
yesterday I looked over to the open
field and saw this.

I would love to have a model
out there in the center
of all that to 

According to something I saw
not to long ago, women
are embracing their gray.

HAHA.....yep, they don't 
have as much as I do!

For several years now women, young
women have been paying money
to have gray put in their hair.

My advice~
stop paying, have kids and 
give it time!!!

Before the thoughts of selling
my home for that much
needed one level home I 
was scanning Pinterest and saw
this. Rustic, the look I like.

I TOTALLY love the one
below. I can't do a mirror
in my tub cause mine is one
of those prefab thingys that
go up and around.

But I love the wood hiding the curtain
rods. And the claw foot tub
of course.

I scrolled past these nails on 
I think they look so cool.

I have only done the fake nails twice.
Recently however I was doing the 
gel nails as I let mine
grow out.
That stuff is wicked.
My nails are still in bad shape
after using that stuff. 
I love long nails but have never
been able to have them. Mine
have always been so weak. 

Oh well I don't do the fake nails
or lashes and my boobs are mine...
hahaha so I guess you get
what you see with me!


Brian said…
I’m sure glad you are feeling better today!
Jeanie said…
That's a very cute cup. Glad you are on the mend and that hair thing baffles me too!
Glad you feel better. I like your advice on the gray hair "Have kids and give it time!" Those bathroom ideas are cute.
wisps of words said…
Ahemmmmmm.... Of course all that animal stuff, in the cold, make you feel awful. Ahemmmmmmm.... You know my views, on you doing such. But! It is also, none of my business. :-)))))

wisps of words said…
Gray hair.... I colored mine, for a while. But hated the look of Roots Growing Out. I got so I noticed allllll such roots. So I stopped coloring, to stop the Root Crap Worrry. I didn't like the natural color it was at that time, but it has gotten better.

Come on!!!! Who is anyone fooling? You see a Woman Of A Certain Age. With dyed hair. Do you think she is Young? Look at her face, neck, hands. Do they Match her Dark hair color? Or Blond Hair Color? Or whatever? >,-)

Personally, I think all dyed gray, on younger women, looks just as silly. Dyed hair always looks dyed.

Natural gray hair, on younger women however, is classy. And shows that she is a confident woman. Not needing to dye her hair, to feel good about herself.

Same with Women Of A Certain Age, who leave their gray hair natural. Confident. Not needing to boost themselves, with a bottle of dye. :-)))))

wisps of words said…

You got me on-a-roll, today!!!!!!!


I am glad you are feeling better today Pam. I love the bit on grey hair. I stopped coloring in my early 40s and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Life is a littler easier now and I love my natural tone of grey mixed with brown that is still holding on to its natural pigment. It is funny that women for paying for the color. Those are beautiful nails but they are quite destructive to our natural nails.
Rain said…
Hey Pam :) My boobs are mine too lol...I did the fake nails once, within 12 hours I was yanking them all off, I HATED how they felt on me! My nails were ruined and it took over a year for them to get healthy again! Some days I feel like putting on nail polish, but it's not practical for my life style! I do try to keep them trimmed and filed nicely though!

Oh the dying the hair gray thing makes me laugh with eyes rolled up...that is such an 80's thing that has come back with the hipster generation. I remember girls my age in high school paying to have gray died into their hair, I always thought it looked ridiculous. I'm all gray and honestly that's the only cosmetic thing I'll like keep up. I like my red hair!! :)

I LOVE those tubs! The rustic look is all me too. I hope that you feel better, I can't imagine the burning pain you describe. I hope you're taking it easy today. I'm glad you don't give a SIP...we all need to put our foot down sometimes!!! :)
Rhodesia said…
Take it easy and everything will soon come together for you. Have a good week Diane
Christine said…
I hate the grey in my hair, try to colour it regularly but it comes back too soon!
Ann said…
I have no problem with my hair being gray but I'm old so it makes sense. I don't get the younger ones wanting gray hair though. What's wrong with the color they were born with?
I love that first idea for a bathroom. I've been wanting to do something with mine and that might work.
Red Rose Alley said…
hahaha, this is such true advice about the grey, Pam. It will come, give it time. I have to say that I'm not one to embrace the grey, and I still dye my hair, but I think it's great when women just let it go. I love these nature pictures. They're just what I need. My son is healing and doing better. Thanks for stopping by and checking up. I appreciate that, and will have a few nature pics up tomorrow, and must get back to nature very soon. : )

Betsy said…
My finger nails never look but so so. They peel and when they do start growing they become brittle. I give up.
I will let my hair turn grey because I would never keep up with coloring it.
Same here with me. What one sees it what I am.
Loved your post.
I almost forgot, I like the first bathroom with the more primitive look.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I hope you keep feeling a bit better. ~hugs~ I have my hair dyed because it otherwise has no body. ~shakes head~ Don't know what I'll do down the road. Be well!
Sandee said…
I know you had a rough evening the other day. That would have done me in too. So sad.

I colored my hair for years and a couple years ago I let it grow out. It's gray and I love it. No mess, no fuss and so easy. Now I'm letting it grow out. About halfway where I want to be.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Liz A. said…
I don't know if I could tolerate fake nails. My mother went through a phase when that's all she did. I was a teenager at the time, and it just seemed like way too much trouble.
Carol Henstra said…
First time looking on. I am laughing. I am sort of like that lady she is not into going grey.Red Rose Alley. Now I have left mine and the grey is grey with the ugly dark blackish and ugly grey. My daughter had colored it like over a year. So then I have not done anything to it. Other then cut my back each time across. There it is coming in white. Cut my bangs or you may say fringes I do that. Then sometimes I get too short. I feel I am one of those cats who naturally have the mixed colors. Of course Cats look good as it is natural or not? Ha.ha.

Enjoy your blogs. I hope your feeling better soon.

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