Door Decor

I love taking something and 
repurposing it as something

LOVE the bike wheel.

The yellow makes me think spring
but the red and black have me
thinking more like fall.

Here is a touch more yellow,
you are repurposing rain boots.

But the tulips look so 
Forget the spring for us
in TN, I probably needed
something like this all winter
with all the rain we have had.

This is cute.
I thought about doing one
before but with silk flowers.

Yep, well I thought about it,
it however did not get made.

I love PURPLE.
And I love this.

Tulips are a spring 
flower for sure.
Check out these decorations
for the door, all
using tulips.

All those are adorable.

While scrolling PINTEREST
for door decor 
I saw this one.


It has a whimsical look to it.
A rustic, whimsical look.
And I have a frame like that!!

Thinking I might just need
to paint my frame and do 
something like this.

Enough for the door...
Parked in the state parking 
lot and walked up to the 
bldg this morning.

When I first went to work 
for Photo Services, I worked
in that bldg. on the 23rd floor.

Shortly after that we moved
to a new space on the 3rd.
I am now on 3rd, same space
just up dated and changed.

    Took this shot below yesterday
on my walk to my car.
Its the church at the base
of the State Capital.

I had my pic made Monday for 
my employee ID. 


Sandee said…
I love all the door decor. Beautiful and ever so clever.

Great ID photograph.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all your babes. ♥
Ann said…
Love all the wreaths and door decor.
Your employee ID picture is great.
Christine said…
Gorgeous pic!
Rhodesia said…
Great idea I like that. Hope all is well Diane
Rhodesia said…
I see you have changed the setup and at first I only saw the bicycle wheel, All great ideas and I love your photo, excellent. Keep well Diane
Liz A. said…
I scrolled by that purple one quickly, and it looked like two feet sticking out of it. Well, then I had to backtrack... But, then I thought what a silly idea. Like those witch's legs at Halloween. Wouldn't it be funny to have feet sticking up out of one of those?
Brian said…
Those are all really cool and very creative too!
Christine said…
Pam the puzzle answer is 72, there are 4 sets of 18 pencils, may help to count the erasers. Thanks for trying!
Mary K. said…
Those are all such beautiful wreaths Pam. I wish I didn't have a screen door in my front entrance so I could add bulkier items to my wreaths like you did, they are all inspiring.
You look beautiful! These door decor ideas are amazing. I love the umbrella since spring is an important part of spring!
Loving all those wreaths and that is an awesome picture of you girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
Great photo! ~hugs~ I hope you enjoy working. It's beyond my imagining to return to an office. So far, we're doing okay with zero weekly earnings. ~fingers crossed~ Be well!
Red Rose Alley said…
These wreaths are charming for the front door. I think my favorite was those Purple flowers. They all look so Springy. Makes me want to decorate for Easter.....maybe this weekend. : )

Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I LOVE the bike wheel and hose decor!!! The colours too, they really are very spring-like!! And the umbrella!!! When we settle down, I think that I'm going to start planting tulip bulbs each fall...I love those flowers. In fact, I'm thinking of dedicating some of my time to a beautiful flower garden. I'm really developing a big passion for anything garden! :) You look so great in that photo! Congrats on being back to work! :)
Those are such cute door decorations. Good luck with your job!
I do like the door décor you've shown us …
That is a good ID photograph.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
You are reminding me I need to change out to a new spring wreath and you've given me some wonderful ideas! Catching up with you!

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