Part 1 - BW Mailboxes

Looking back in my ablums
on FB I see that I started
shooting unusual/unique/creative


in 2009.
189 mailboxes.

Here are a few that 
I have taken along the

A school bus.

John Deer

This is an amazing 

Here is another shot of
the tractor. 

Yet another tractor in
a smaller size.

Cute little truck.

A firetruck.

This one below is 
totally COOL.

Now lets move on to 

I love how the seat of
that one above has a viney
plant growing in it.

Oops...looks like
the motor had some issues.

Lets take this down in 
scale now.

Lets jump from these to
to farm like equipment.

A plow.

I actually have several
of these plows from 
different areas.

Wow...that is a lot 
of mailbox!!!

I think this one is some
sort of drill.

Now I am not totally
sure what these next
few are made of but
they are cool.

The next two I see a lot 

Hope you enjoyed my 
More to come tomorrow.


Jeanie said…
Some of these are so very clever, clearly expressing the passion of their owner. Nice photos, Pam.
wisps of words said…
Wow, I don't have any albums. I take my pics. Post them. Delete them. :-)

Oh there are a few, which I put in a private blog place. But very few.

Basically, I am not a 'saver.' So it shows, in many aspects of my life. :-)

And yet again, isn't it wonderful, that we are all different????????????? Yes it is!!!!!!

Some of those dystopian films, show a world, where everyone dresses the same, acts the same, live in very awfully spare and all white apartment, etc., etc. This goes to show the horror of such a life.

Sally said…
Those are really cool, such imagination people have. I think that's what draws you because your imagination is spectacular. :)

Brian said…
Those were all fun but I did like that school bus!
Darla M Sands said…
I agree with Sally! ~hugs~
These are very creative.

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, you came across so many unique mail boxes on your drives, Pam. I LOVE THAT SCHOOL BUS! It's perfect for this time of year. : ) The fire truck is creative too!


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