Oldies but Goodies

My mom is in her 70's. She has started
to give away stuff to us kids and
her reasoning is that, this is
so we will not fight over anything.
I don't think that is going to happen
between my brothers and I.

Some time ago she gave me a wooden
bowl and rolling pin that belonged
to my great grandmother.

The other day she gave me these items.

First jello molds. Does anyone
still use these? Anyway, mom did not
use them, they hung on the kitchen wall
for years. When she re-did the kitchen
she packed these up. They were given
to her my her mom, my grandmother.

I am planning on hanging them in my kitchen since
I have a lot of old items hanging on the wall.

Next, a gourd. I was not going to take this
but then she told me that my great aunt use
to grow these. She gave this one to my mom.
Mom had added the plastic fruit that I did
remove, but I will also hang the gourd in
my kitchen.

And next comes the birdies! I remember this
hanging in the kitchen for as long as
I could remember. Funny thing about that,
I remember all this hanging there but
never knew the history behind them.
The birdies came from my great grandmother.
When my oldest brother was born my great
grandmother came to visit. My
brought these for
my mom.

For the history in these items they
mean so much to me. My great grandmother
and great aunt have been gone since
I was in middle school. I lost my grandmother
when I was pregnant with my son 25 yrs. ago.
I love the family history and the items that
have that history....just not sure who I
will hand this stuff down too cause I
don't think it means as much to
my kids as it does to me.

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