Privacy and Stairs

I live in a zero lot line, a townhouse
duplex. I own my side and my
neighbor owns her's.
There is really not a lot of privacy when
I am on my deck so I decided
to let my side yard, the driveway grow
up so I could have a side yard and
a patio. Stepping stones.

Please over look the mess, the
yard had not been cut yet.
Put this part of the yard is open to
the rest of the drive way and the road
so I decided to make it more private.
But in doing that whatever I did
had to be able to be moved if I needed
to get a vehicle back there.

The way my front porch is made you really
can't move furiture in and out that way so
you have to use the back door.

At Lowe's the other day I ran across these
panels. They are installed with stakes put
into the ground and they lock together
with another metal piece. Both the
fence and the stakes can be removed.

Looks so much better don't you think. I have chairs and
a small table out there now.

Then I came in and decided that my
stairs needed something to make them

I think this did the trick.

Thanks for stopping in,


well, aren't you a busy little bee! Those panels are perfect.
love what you did with the stairs, is it paint?
hope you're having a great week pam!
Cristina Garay said…
Good Privacy!! and the best, you can take it off whenever you want!

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