The Truck and The Animals

Only in my case
I am just 42!
That happens if when you hit
50 you start counting backwards
the next yr!

I have to tell you what took place over
a month ago at the barn.
You see Chris owns 13 acres.
He has two small houses on it,
a large metal type garage that he had 
built, a barn and several small storage
units. He redid one home and he lives
there. He rents the other one out.
He works for Metro for the water
department but he does small engine
repair (mowers,  weedeaters,
blowers..etc) as a side job cause he enjoys
that work so much.

He rents the barn out to a manager 
and that manager fills the stalls. 
Keeps the barn up and pays Chris once
they collect the money. 

The turn over at the barn is all new
right now. Jeanna came in, brought
Tim and Brenda with her.
They had their horses somewhere
else but the man died so they had
to find another place.
Jeaana knows Chris from when he
was married and the wife showed horses.

Tim, Jeanna and I get along great.
Brenda is a little different but I have
had no issues.
It was with her hubby the issues 
came into play.

Chris allows a guy to hunt deer at the 
property, an old friend. Brenda's hubby
asked could he hunt there. Chris allowed
that and trouble came with him.

I went out there one morning and he was
there. We talked and I could not 
put my finger on it but I knew he
was either drinking or just not right.

Later before leaving I realized it was
the bottle.

Upon me return later that day to be
there when Scout and FedEx arrived
I was very upset.

Dude had taken his truck into the pasture
to do donuts. He was with the
neighbor that rents from Chris.

Jason (renter) said that dude was 
drunk so instead of letting him on the 
road they went in the pasture.
The horses were in a state. I let
Jason know how I felt about it and
I was not really nice.

Anyway, dude broke his truck and is
very lucky at this point that it
did not slide into the pond. 

On the other side os those tiny trees is a poind. 
Here is the tire, axle is broken. 

I tell you all this to say...

Anyway, things got ugly, he was fusing about 
the barn, the new horses, the way things were
run so I picked up the phone and called
Brenda and asked her to come get him.
He is not welcome back there
Jason got an ear full.
And yes, the truck is still there.
It has been raining so much that the 
pasture has not dried out so there is NO WAY
of getting a wrecker back there. 

Chances are it will be some time after
the spring bloom before it will be dry
at this point.

Now...moving on. Took this are brothers house
when I was up there. There were actually about 10
waiting on me one morning...waiting for their apples.

 This is from the deck. This is Lily's feeder.
I try to keep it full so the birds come for
Lily to watch.

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Sandee said…
Be careful with the drunk. He may be back. Those people are most unpredictable.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Rain said…
I said out loud "what an effing idiot"...I hate drunks who are violent...I drink but I would never get behind the wheel...and I drink for pleasure, not to get fall down drunk. I'm glad you stood up for yourself, the nice people and the critters. What would have happened if he were alone and rammed into the barn or something...I am kind of glad his truck is stuck there, maybe he'll learn a lesson.

Your deer are so beautiful...I miss seeing them. They stay in the forest around here and since having the extra 2 pups, I haven't been able to get out there. I love your bird feeder too! next year I'll be 49 right? ;)
NanaDiana said…
People like that are downright scary because they are usually hot-heads on top of their addictive tendencies. Please stay safe and don't hesitate to call 911 at the first sign of trouble. It is too bad the guy lives close at all and I suspect there may be more drama when it comes to getting the truck out of there. Idiot!!!!! xo Diana
Darla M Sands said…
What a horrible incident! ~hugs~ Take care, my dear. And I adore Lily's feeder. You're so creative, I can't say it enough.
Darla M Sands said…
Side note: I probably would have called the police. ~shudders~ Dealing with a nut job would frighten me too much. Heh...
MadSnapper said…
agree with Sandee comment, you never know what will happene with someone that gets that drunk or how he will retaliate ... be careful. i feel bad for the horses and critters. they are helpless.
Anonymous said…
I can't stand when people drive under the influence of alcohol, for they're endangering others!

I love that cup bird feeder, what a great idea!

I'd like to invite you to follow my blog if you'd like.
Ann Thompson said…
Nothing worse than a stupid drunk. I have to agree with Sander. Be careful.
Liz A. said…
When your gut tells you someone isn't right, it's best to run. What an idiot.
Sally said…
Well, who was it that said (maybe Forest Gump) 'stupid is as stupid does'. What a moron! Yeah, I agree be leery of him if you see him again.

The deer, so beautiful, and I know Lily enjoys watching the birds. :)

Rhodesia said…
Oh dear, be careful he may return in a nasty mood!! Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
Definitely not a fun encounter. But boy, those deer and birds make for a beautiful sighting!

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