This, That and The Other

The other evening I pulled out my
Dremel tool to work on 
a project and .....
it died!

I got it about 20 years ago and I 
have used it a lot.

It was a 5 speed but a few years
ago I  could only get it to 
work on speed 5....
now would not
even get to that point.

So I took it up to a 10 speeder 
this time.

I took it out of the box and 
checked it out but
I have not used it yet.
Can't wait to see what I do with it.

Pulling wedding stuff together so
I went in Hobby Lobby today.

Hobby Lobby greeters.

I have talked about starting to 
macreame again and see if I 
could get that fad started again....
looks like Hobby Lobby beat
me to it.

Macreame and crochet. 

I saw these also. 
Scrap wood and I could make

 This is cool...
printers tray but it actually 
had a wedge back so that it sat
in the floor and leaned back just 
a bit to keep things from falling out.

Spring is springing in 

I have gotten to wear my 
jacket a couple of times the 
last few days.
I love it.

Hoping you had a great day today, 


Liz A. said…
Yeah, it seems like macrame is making a comeback. My father did projects back in the day. But I could so do that crochet in the wooden hoop thing. If someone wanted something like that...
Ann said…
Can't wait to see what you do with your Dremel. I bought one a long time ago but it was a cordless and the battery didn't have a very long life.
MadSnapper said…
love those yellow jonquils.. enjoy your drimmel. headed off to my tops meeting, later gator
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I want that tray! It would be perfect to display small things. Wonder how much it costs and if I could find one around here? Love that jacket! And the flowers. My bulbs are showing leaves all over. Too bad the grass will start growing soon.
Jeanie said…
Bummer on the dremel. Lucky you with all that spring fling going on. It's snowing here today!

Thanks for your wonderful words on my recent posts. You make terrific comments and I'm so grateful you come by!
Sandee said…
I want those greeters. I love flamingos. I have them all over the house and boat.

I love your jacket and I'm glad you got to wear it a couple of time.

We had spring hit and then it disappeard. We're having a big storm come though and it will end Saturday sometime. Oh well.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said…
I love your jacket too! Good on spring in Nashville at least it's somewhere!

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