My Weekend

Friday night I watched a sweet baby,
my great nephew, Cole.

He is almost 14 months old and him and
I had a blast. But he so wore me out.

He is learning to feed himself and aunt
Pam helped him out by giving
him a big spoon! As you can tell, he
enjoyed his meal.

After eating, playing and fighting sleep,
he gave it up....but only after I put him
on a riding toy, while I sat in the floor
I pushed him back and forth, he fell
asleep leaning over the steering wheel,
sitting up!

Saturday evening I was honored to go to
the Gaylord Opry Hotel to photograph my
niece, Holly and her date, Nathan before
they headed to the prom.

This is the group that they were going with.
Nice bunch of kids.

Holly and Nathan again.

Today, after uploading Holly's
pics, making a disc, having breakfast with
my friend Theresa, delivering the disc
to my Mom's, I made a trip to Lowe's.
Picked up plants and potting soil, stopped
at Dollar General Store, then home
to plant my plants.

After messing around outside, I
went to craftroom to finish up
some projects. This is one project
I started earlier in the week.
Made this for my livingroom.

Store bought birdhouse, a wooden candle
holder, a glass drawer pull and scrapbook paper.

I made two cup and saucer birdfeeders.
Picked up the cup and saucer at
Goodwill, cup was .49 cents and
the saucer was .99 cents.

This cup and saucer also came from Goodwill.
Both were .49 cents each.

I started this project two weeks ago. I got the
glass container for 1.00 at a thrift store.
Taped it off and spray painted the black
part. Today I added the word

This holds Dakota's (AKA THE KING)

Watching a Hallmark show now....
and crashing later.

Thanks for stopping in,


gail said…
oh my! Pam has been a busy girl! :)

Cole is adorable, even covered in food! The prom pics--opry-- nuff said! beautiful!

great projects too. Love the birdhouse on a candlestick. I can't feed the birds, too many cats in the neighborhood. :(

Nicole said…
Your little nephew Cole is a real sweety!
Cheryl said…
Looks like your life is on full speed "fun" mode :-)Great pictures and wonderful creations you've made :-)

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