Buildings - Nashville TN

I use to work downtown....actually for
25 years total.
I don't get downtown often anymore
but a few times I have with my camera.

This is the Marathon Automobiles Building.
Built in 1914.

The top of the Marathon Bldg.

And this is another shot of the same

Not the best shot of downtown
but here is one view of it.
The tallest one is the Tennessee
Tower. I worked on the 23rd floor and
the 3rd floor of this building.

To the right of that you will see the Tennessee
Arts Center, or otherwise known
as TPAC.

To the right, in the background you will see
the Batman Bldg.

I took this when I went to town this past Sat. for the
Woman's Show. This is one of the oldest churches
left downtown.

And...the BATMAN Bldg.

You have to overlook me on this one....
I do not know the name of this bldg.

So there you have it....a short tour of some buildings
in downtown Nashville.

Thanks for stopping in,


Anne said…
Oh I how love old buildings! Thanks so much for sharing these.

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