Caleb and Nana Day

Wow, it has been a long, but fun day

Started with leaving the house at
8:30 am to head to Physical
Therapy on my shoulder.
Yay.....they released me!

So then I ran by the house, picked
up the dog. He loves to go so I
wanted him to be able to ride along.
We headed out to pick up my oldest
grandson, Caleb. I was off today
for Good Friday and this was
to be Caleb and Nana's day.

I was to meet Caleb at the lake,
he was there with his brothers and
their dad. They were there to feed the
ducks. Caleb and I hung around
and fed the ducks and geese with them.

After feeding the ducks and geese with DJ and
Braden we started to my house only
to get side the tracks.
The railroad tracks.
We watched cars being unhooked
and moved into place.

I got this cute pic of Caleb on the tracks.

He is growing up so fast!

We dropped the dog at Granny's (my Mom)  house and
headed to go bowling. I have not bowled
in about 2 yrs. and this was Caleb's
3rd time. We had a ball.
I bowled 2 games with Caleb then he
bowled on by himself. From there
we went to the arcade and played some

After wearing my body and shoulder out
(thinking maybe I should not have been
released from, we headed
to Granny's to get Dakota.
Caleb stopped to play for a minute only
to have Dakota come up and
lick him in the face.

Finally....home. What better thing
to do then to play in the creek (not me,
Caleb) and catch crawdads and

Look Nana, I caught another one.

Dinner and and a couple of board games....

And we have just sat down to watch a movie.
We pulled out an older VHS movie,

Relaxing, watching a the movie and
Nana will probably be out before the movie
is half done.

Thanks for stepping in,


Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!
Not sure you should have been bowling...
I have a bad shoulder, some days are better than others!
thanks for sharing Caleb with us!

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