25 Cent Vase

My mom stopped by a yard sale the
other day and did pretty
well for herself (me)....
LOL....she gave them to me.

The one to the right is a Hoosier Glass,
she paid 25 cents and the
value of it right now is

The other one also cost 25 cents,
the value of it right now is

Think mom did pretty well
on these buys!

Now to show what I have made.
I got this idea off  PINTEREST.

Using washers and E6000 glue, I
made these. Then I backed them
with a foam backing.

They make awesome candle coasters.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping in,


southernscraps said…
What a neat use for washers!
Cheryl said…
Those little tiny vases are worth money? Who knew! Certainly not me lol

Your little washer coasters are super cute :-)

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