Sunsets/ Blooms/ Project

Count down for Christmas
cards is about done...
This is card 13 and 
my all time fave one.
Theres no place like home...
for the holidays!

When going to the store lately I am
trying really hard to make sure
I don't buy sugary or scratch 
type foods. But the other night I 
ran in Aldi's store to grab a few 
things and saw this..

I walked past it....twice.
Went back and got some anyway.

A mistake I don't need to make again.
To help get it out of the house I sent
a bunch home with my youngest
brother yesterday. I made some 
veggie soup and cornbread, it was
his day off so I sent him some.
He called today to tell me that he ate
some soup last night and more today.
BUT he finished off the popcorn treats
last night!

Caught this sunset last night on the 
way to the barn. 

Fall in TN produces the best sunsets.

Got this one yesterday also. 
Sunset over Nashville.
See the buildings to the right...

A couple of years ago my mom 
gave me her Christmas cactus.
It never bloomed for her.
But after a summer on my deck with 
indirect lighting...
and this is what I have going on.

The other day I saw the coolest thing
of Pinterest that I really wanted
to make but it was not till I 
went to the shed today and saw

I was not having the best of days but
I decided that I wanted to 
create, pain or not so ...
I took the step stool to the 
kitchen along with this piece
of wood that you see on the top
of the stool.

Then, I pulled out this bathroom rug 
I had stashed back. I stashed it away
for a cat tower I wanted to make.

I used my electric staple gun to 
attach the rug to the piece of wood.
Have you figured out yet what this 
will be?
I also covered the two steps up 
and wapped the front legs 
in rope that I bought back 
in the summer for redoing Lily's
perch. For those with cats you 
know what the rope is for but
for those that don't know, the 
wrapped rope is for the cats
to stratch their nails on. 

Then I took this pillow
sham I picked up at Goodwill 
last yr. I got two for 1.99
and I cut one up for my stuffed pumpkins.
But I had this other one that 
I knew was perfect for what I needed.

I tied it to the bottom of
the stool and before I could
even get it all the way tied 
Lily Bit decided to check it out
and she jumped right in.

I think she likes it. 

This is the end project. But I failed
to take a pic of the front with the 
covered steps and the rope and I was
just to lazy to go upstairs tonight to 
do that. haha

Anyway, I love a simple, easy, fast 
project where I am recycling items to 
other things. The wooden step stool
was a find and needing some tightening
up. The rug was recycled from the 
bathroom, the pillow sham was 
a Goodwill buy and the rope I had
purchased before. I did not have to 
run out and get anything. 

After this project that took 
only about 30 tp 45 mins I 
took a break and enjoyed my heated
Then to the barn to feed.
Here is the sunset on the road
to the barn.

Check out what Lily has been up to 
by going to


Ann said…
The Christmas cactus is really pretty. I had one for a really long time and then I don't know what happened, I killed it. It used to bloom at christmas and Easter.
Cool project for Lily, looks like she really likes it too
Christine said…
LOVE your card! You have such a love of life too, glad you got that popcorn!
Brian said…
Cool stuff and I totally love that Christmas Card!
wisps of words said…
You certainly have the magic touch, for the cactus!

Gorgeous sunsets!

Very cute project. And very appreciated by the kitty-cat. :-)

🌲 🌲 🌲
Sandee said…
Lily loves her new hidie hole. Cute.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I have to ask, what defines scratch type foods? I'm always fascinated by regional dialects. Beautiful sunsets and great project! Also, that card is soooo you. ~grin~ I owned a beautiful Christmas cactus until Jezebel knocked it to the floor and it broke apart. I was too frustrated to try and salvage the plant, I'm sorry to say. Maybe I should buy another now that she's older. But wait... I want kittens. lol On the subject of that ornery cat, she climbed the first cat tree my father ever made for our little family before we got it inside the front door and upright! The adoration he saw caused my dad to build two more. Heh... Hope you're having one of your better days. ~hugs~ Take care!
Liz A. said…
What a clever idea. It's always nice when you already have the materials on hand. Makes the project go so much easier.
Jeanie said…
Love Lily! She's so pretty! And caramel corn (and popcorn, too!). I killed my Christmas cactus... somethings are best left to others!
Rhodesia said…
I have Nigel's Aunt's Christmas cactus (about 7 years now and it was almost dead when I saved it) It has flowered every year and is now just about over, but may flower again it did last year. Lily is very spoilt she has every comfort :-) Keep well Diane
What a beautiful sunset, and your Christmas Cactus is a lovely colour.

All the best Jan
Sally said…
Oh, that card is adorable!

Hey, I made homemade soup today also; now all I need to make is the cornbread. :)

You have an amazing mind, Pam, and really creative in all your projects.

Red Rose Alley said…
Those are the prettiest sunset pictures, Pam. I often see the sunrises more than the sunsets cause I'm a morning person. That is a cool little hideaway you made for Lily. It looks like she likes it. Your Christmas cactus is blooming so pretty. Oh my gosh, I know what you mean about the caramel corn. I saw some at Macy's today in the kitchen/food section, and it looked so good. I want to go back, maybe get some for a Christmas present.....and myself. : )


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