Dakota - From Room to Room

Even to this day I leave the 
is going to follow

I often wonder why but I think he
is afraid I will sneak out
of the house without him.

He can be laying on the other
end of the couch
sleeping and the ears never
go down.
I will sneak up slowly
not making a sound...

But wide awake he is....
and down he goes to

The one that always used to
bother me was when I
went to the bathroom.

And why stand right in front of
me while I sat there?

I looked it up once and I read that
they do that cause they know
that most times you are
not doing anything with your
hands while you sit there....
and they know you will 
reach over and pet them!!

The times that he followed me
to the shower when he
was younger really 
got me....
he dislikes the bathroom near
the tub.
So to be close to me he
would grab an article
of clothes and take it 
to the hall and 
lay down on it.

The best...sorry no pic...was
when he got the toilet paper
caught on the article of
clothes and when I got out
paper was all over
the hall.

Thank goodness he out grew that...
but lets talk baths!
He is not a lab so that should
tell you something.

He has gotten so smart that 
I have to run the tub and go 
lay across the bed.
Even then he takes forever
before he comes out from 
under the bed....

Whole body is stiff when
I put him in the water.
He gets as close to the end 
of the bath and as far away from
me as he can get.

Get him out...
towel him off....
and off he runs running through
the house like a mad
man....I mean dog! 

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