Dakota - So Afraid of Everything

Okay, so I have NO pics to use to tell
this story so I am just posting one of
the Dakota!

So handsome!!
Anyway, Dakota is afraid 
of just about everything. 

Any loud noise.
Any kind of sound that catches him 
off guard. 
He startles easy.

Course most dogs don't like fireworks,
Dakota is no different. 
Hates them.
Hates thunder.

 My washer and dryer
is in the closet between the living room
and the kitchen. The funniest thing to see is 
when Dakota is walking from the living
room to the kitchen, through that
hall and the washer changes cycles!
Dakota can't get those legs moving
fast enough and his paws
slip and slide all over the place.

Or the fact that he is afraid to 
walk past the broom if I have
it propped up next to the wall
as you walk into the kitchen.
Dakota will not walk past it!

And let me start doing some deep
cleaning or moving furniture..
he has a fit.
Follows my every move and 
stays right under me feet.
Not sure what he thinks I 
am going to do but he
is going to make sure I 
don't leave the house without him!

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