The Pole and the Lantern

Back several months ago I posted
this pic below~
My brother had this out at his house
in his recycle metal pile. He found it on
the side of the road to be thrown away.
I have been looking at it for years wanting
it but I was kind of waiting to see what
he was going to do with it....
Finally I asked could I have it and
I promised to recycle ......or
better yet, reuse it!
I thought maybe it would make an
awesome lamp holding a solar light
to put in the back yard....
But how would I do that.
I have been looking for one
of these that I thought was
the perfect size.

Found this at Ole Time Pottery today
at lunch time.
Now to figure out how to attach it.
I have some ideas so this
post will be continued yet again!
Stay tuned.
Thanks for stopping in,


that's an awesome piece Pam! so glad it's getting upcycled!


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