Halloween Dress Up - 2013

Have you seen Dispecible Me?
I have not but the office wanted
to dress like that today.
I am Ms. Hattie, I own the orphanage.
~Left to Right~
Ms. Hattie (me)
Now I think I got really close to what Ms. Hattie
looked like in the movie..
don't you?

This below is a couple pics of me in
This is my old friend - Rag a Muffin.
Rag a Muffin has been with me
for years.
I use to go children's birthday parties for

I have long gotten rid of the outfit, keeping
the wig, the hat and of course
remembering how to do my makeup.
But.....I am doing an opening for a clinic tonight
dressed like Rag a Muffin.
I will be wearing Ms. Hattie's outfit
but adding some colorful things
to it.
Should be fun.
A couple of years ago I dressed like this.

Man, I was HOT!
I worked in the Medicaid unit at
the time so this just seemed to fit.

Then later in the day I had
a chiropractor appt.
I went in doing the old woman talk,
acting old and calling everyone a
young whippersnapper!
Had a blast.
This is Gayle, and she is the sister
oh my chiropractor plus
she works there. Such a doll.

Then there is Trent AKA Olive Oil.
Had the sexiest hairy legs!
Thanks for stopping in,


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