Caleb's Birthday Surprise

School started and Caleb started it
as a 7th,
where have the years gone?
He wanted to take guitar in school
and he was really stoked about it.
My mother, his great grandmother
made him a deal, work hard to
keep grades up and I will get you
your own guitar.
Grades are doing really good.
He is doing well in school.
So for his birthday great
granny and me (Nana, grandma)
went in together to get him this~
I managed to sneak it to the living room
while granny kept him busy in the
He looks over to see the case,
"whose guitar?"
When told it was his I snapped this

"Really he ask?"
At which point we say that we got
the case this yr. and next maybe
he can get the guitar!

"Really, it's mine"?

So excited. He takes it out and
sets it on the couch to
just look at it.

Now he is showing us what he knows.

Seems to have been learning some

And he looks like a pro handling it.

Looks like he knows what he is doing.

Love the smile here on this one...

I think he was a happy 13 year old!
Thanks for stopping in,


fun pics Nana! :) Caleb is growing up so fast. Happy Belated birthday to him.

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