NAiA Pow Wow at Long Hunter State Park - Lebanon TN

Been years since I have attended a
Pow Wow.
Long before I had a professional camera.
So I went Saturday just mainly for taking pics.
What I will do for a good picture...
like go out in the misting rain, cold wind
blowing and temps cool...
But I enjoyed it.
I remember when I was a child and our house was
new, we could go in the backyard and find
arrowheads and Indian money all the time.

This is Duane Windhorse Deemer.
I met Duane in the spring at the
art crawl I was a part of.
He was playing flutes....such
beautiful relaxing music.

More arrowheads.

Red, white and blue-
Native American Women Warriors.
To cute.

Here I was in a teepee looking out
the top. friend Theresa is being taught
how to throw a hatchet.
Watch out!

This was the best throw and it was
her third throw!

Colors of the Native American
wear are very colorful.

LOL.....well, this pic above just did not
look right! Blows
your whole image of sleeping in a
teepee which is basically
an old Native American tent...
Now, I wonder which one they
slept in Friday night?


I looked around and saw
Grizzly Adams!

Thanks for stopping in.
Hope you enjoyed.


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