Memorial Day

This morning I sat
on my deck enjoying
a cool 76 degrees and listening
to the birds singing all
around me.

I have my trusty side kick with me
as always. He is honoring
Memorial Day
by wearing his Red, White and Blue.

To all the men and women whom
have given so much
to protect our country.

My Dad, who gave
22 yrs of his life to the Navy.

I thank you and all the others that
have protected our shores.

Bless you all.
Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Thanks for dropping in for a visit,


Ann said…
A perfect way to start the morning.
Sandra said…
you and your handsome side kick have the perfect view for rememebering and listening to bird song.
Yes, Pam thanks to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice. ♥
Betsy Adams said…
Beautiful post, Pam.... Yes--let's never forgot those who sacrificed so much to give us the freedom we enjoy today... God Bless the Fallen and God Bless America.

Liz A. said…
Great pictures of your dad.
Mildred said…
You and your baby have a beautiful spot to start the day.
I appreciate your blog friendship. Have a good evening.
Jeanie said…
Lovely photos and I love your sweet boy's bandana. How wonderful that you still have these meaningful photos of your dad.
Debbie said…
that last image, of the flags, how poignant!!!
Rhodesia said…
Wonderful people and worth remembering. France never forgets but we have different dates. Diane

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