Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages to weight loss
weight loss! haha
I am now off 4 meds.
My liver enzymes are
All in all I
am healthier.

I can paint my toe nails.
I feel bones I could not
feel before.
I can cross my legs.
New clothes!

And there are many more


But there are disadvantages also.
I have to remember DAILY to
take 3 multi vits a day
3 chewable calcium a day (total
1500 mg)
a vit D a day
and a vit B12 once a week.
Because your body does not
absorb vits like it used to.

I can't take whole pills for
fear of chocking. I have
to crush them or take
apart and sprinkle on my

With the issue of absorbing vits
comes hair loss.
Right now by the handful.

Dark circles under my
eyes. Deep dark making
me look sick. This is due
to losing of fat and collagen.

With all the advantages and disadvantages
there was hope.

I had heard for so long that
changing the way you eat
will help with fibro pain and

That is not true.
I hoped.
The pain and fatigue has
not changed.
It has not gotten better.
I have been a bit down with
the fact that I had gotten my hopes up,
and I was let down.

I guess that this is something
I will have to continue to live

This is how it goes, a good day but
you pay.

Thank you for stopping in to visit,


Cindy said…
It sounds like you're on the right track. I don't like swallowing big pills either, although I eventually got to a point where I can do it. Why even make huge pills? Congrats on your progress.
Darla M Sands said…
I cannot express how sorry I feel for you. ~hugs~ What a miserable condition. I wish it could be understood to the point of eradication.
MadSnapper said…
I agree about the advantages of losing weight and I too can do all of the things you mentioned and a few other things too that I couldn't do 5 months ago
Rhodesia said…
I am sorry that it has not helped the fibro but you must be feeling better in other ways. Hair loss from vitamins?? I take masses and have never had a problem with hair loss.
Take care Diane
Sally said…
Well you look beautiful! I'm so sorry though that with all you're doing, you're still in pain. I have a good friend that has that horrid problem, so I know a little about it.

The last thing you posted though, happen to people who don't have fibromyalgia. All the things listed are happening to me now, but mine must be old age!

Darla M Sands said…
You're right about Nathan Fillion being in Castle following the truncated series Firefly. Nicely done! In one episode (at least) they did an homage to the sci-fi series when he dressed as his character for Halloween. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I could not get into the police procedural. It felt too formulaic, though I was glad when he and his love interest married (my Mom became a huge fan so I saw several episodes with her over the years). I wish we geeks got Firefly for half the run Castle received. I am happy he found such success. Hope you feel better! I appreciate your kind, faithful commenting, too, my dear and am glad we found one another.
Liz A. said…
I'm sorry the weight loss isn't helping with the pain. I hope you find a solution (or at least a palliative) that works for you soon.
Living with pain is very hard but you are working to make your body better. Congrats on the weight look great! I know I should take vitamins. Thanks for the reminder! Hugs!
Ann Thompson said…
The weiht loss was a wonderful accomplishment. Sorry it didnt help with the fibro pain
Well done for sticking with the plan.
Jeanie said…
Sounds a bit like the good, the bad and the gly but I really admire all you are doing. And you do look fabulous!
DeniseinVA said…
You have done a major accomplishment Pam, applauding here. I hope something can be done for the pain eventually.
Anonymous said…
You look wonderful and congrats on being healthier. I am truly sorry that you still live with pain. Many of us do, some days are easier than other.
Blessings to you this weekend.
Cat Lover said…
So sorry Pam your fibromyalgia is not lessening. I know a couple people with it and it isn't fun! Glad you are off a few meds and you are able to do things you couldn't before.
Take care.

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