History on the River, I DO DREAM TEAM

 I hate seeing history destroyed.
Monday morning a fire was
reported at this log cabin.

This place hugs the rocky
banks of Stones River, not
five mins from the house.
I have never known that area
without this place.

I rode over the bridge Tuesday
and tried to get a good pic without
stopping other cars...lol
You can see where the window
upstairs is blown out, chard around
the edges. Other places seemed to be
chard also and the window
on the bottom is boarded up. 

There is a greenway walk around
this area that actually goes
past this, I need to grab
my camera and do that
one day just to get shots.

The story behind this place is
that it was moved here
in 1930's by 
Dempsey Weaver Cantrell 
for his wife Nora.
She wrote poems and she
called all her poems 
songs. She named this place
Eversong. This is where she went
to write. 

This is the home that Dempsey Cantrell
built for him and his wife, it 
is up from the river home.
This home was built in 1918.
Now a wedding venue and 
owned and operated 
by the parks division. 

Over the weekend Emily,
Lisa, James, Julie and 
I had a wedding.
Sam and his wife Chelsea
photographed the event.
Actually, Sam videotaped it
and Chelsea shot it.

A year ago, Sam was kind
enough to shoot pics
of all of us and since it
had been a yr., Chelsea 
was kind enough to do 
more of us.

Sneak Peek of

Emily, Lisa, James, Julie and I.
I was not thinking and I jumped
off the standard dress code
we try to work in...
black, black and white,
white and tan or black
and tan...
I went for color.
Talk about standing out!

Stay tune for more
to come.



Liz A. said…
Sad about the log cabin. These things happen, though. Maybe they can restore it.
The Happy Whisk said…
So sad about the cabin. Love the group photo!
Yes, that is sad about the fire, so much history in those homes. Howdy #DreamTeam!
Christine said…
Sad about the fire
Ann said…
Very sad about the log cabin.
Marie Smith said…
Hope that log cabin can be salvaged! Sad to see it like that…

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