Cornbread, Used Cats, Behind the Scenes

Liz over at 
made some pumpkin
cornbread from a post
I did a few weeks ago.
I have not made it myself
but it sounded so good.
Liz says that it was great.
Yay, nice to know.
Thanks Liz.
Here is an FYI
for you, I dated a guy
that would make cornbread
adding small cups of friut.
It was good. Any kind you 
wanted. I add rosemary,
basil or just whatever comes
to mind. I however, don't
make it often.

Jeanie over at
commented on one of my
post telling me that all 
her cats have been USED.
What a need way of putting it.
Both my babes were not used,
however, their mom's were.
Both Lily and Misty were
born to feral mom's.
Lily was rescued when 
mom was caught and 
was going to be fixed, and 
put back out. Only mom 
was not put back out, she
was taken in and loved, 
living in a loving home and
not having to face the life
on the streets anymore.

Misty, I was the lucky one
(as well as Misty) that her
mom abandoned her at two
weeks of age. I am glad that 
happened. Both her and I 
are blessed, although her
mom lost out of a very loving

Saturday afternoon
was the day
the Jennifer and 
Sherman renewed 
their vows after
25 years of marriage. 

Cheslea and Sam
were back shooting
the event. 

Cheslea shoots 

Oh my gosh, I can sat like 
that but I have 
an issue getting
back up!

This is a pic I shared
with Sam and Chelsea
after a wedding last week.
Sam said that Chelseas
trainer printed it and 
put in on the bulletin board
in the gym!

And Sam does the 


Standing off to the side
of the Hitching Post 
while Emily and I 
were to the back, 
James had a thought.
I saw that thought
on his face as 
if happened. Then he came
over to us.

I told him I saw that
thought on his face and 
smiled bigger saying that
he was not sharing it 

There is always something
going on behind the
scenes that others
never see, unless I
catch it on camera!

Congrats to the bride
and groom.


(left to right, bottom row~
Emily, Julie and James,
I am behind James
with Lisa behind me and 
Cheslea is behind Emily.



Marie Smith said…
James has the grin of the Cheshire Cat!
Christine said…
Great wedding shots!
Darla M Sands said…
I thought I misread the title at first, thinking you must have meant used 'cars'. lol Beautiful photos of some truly beautiful folks. :D
Sandee said…
Love your weddings. What a lovely place for a wedding.

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches all around and a hug to you. ♥
Liz A. said…
Feral cats are hit and miss when it comes to adopting them. Better to get the kitten. But glad to know that Misty's mom found a home.
Rhodesia said…
Lovely pictures as always. I so miss not having a dog or a cat around the house. We do though want to travel so we said it was not fair. COVID was not around when we made that plan!! Cheers Diane
Ann said…
Can't help but smile back at that picture of James.
Some of our Angel kitties were used and now Kiki is here, she is a used kitty that was left behind. The camera crew looks like they were having fun at the wedding.

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