Braden's 2nd Birthday

September 20, 2010 this little man came into the
Braden Joshua, my 3rd grandson.
This is Braden today, two years old.
When Braden's oldest brother, Caleb was the only one, I
started a tradition of making and decorating
his birthday cake.
I have only missed once.
But then came two more boys, and I
continued the tradition for them also.
Braden's cake this year.
Since I just had shoulder surgery I knew I could
not do a lot of squeezing of the icing bags, better
yet I knew it would be hard to make the icing.
So this time I just used store bought icing.
For the dirt in the truck and around the cake, I
used crushed Oreo cookies and for the rocks
I used peanuts. Of course I bought some trucks
for the topping.
Thought it turned out neat.
Braden loved the cake which made me really
happy to see his face light up.
At this point he wanted to play with the trucks.
I just had to take this shot.....candle, cake and finger
up your nose!
Love the look upon his face....
Forget the fork, just dig in.
But what was I to do with the rest of the cookies.....
Yes, now that is what I call GOOD!
Thanks for stopping in,


Bromeliad said…
What a great concept for a little boy cake.

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