All About the Games

Not been crafting, not been out with the camera
not doing much but continuing with
my PT for the shoulder and working 4 hours a day.....
that is till Monday comes around.
Doc. appt. was yesterday and I have been released
for full duty at work. Still limited on
the pounds I can lift, nothing over 5 lbs.
Continue with PT since apparently the reason
I can't lift my arm very high to the side,
scare tissue. I return back in 4 weeks to see
where we are with that.
But since I have not been busy lately my blog
today will consist of games!
Okay, pics of games that I play with my grandson.
This one is on a timer and you have to be fast!
It is also lots of fun for adults to try and beat it.
Caleb and I love to line these up on the kitchen floor,
not really playing, just so we can touch the first
and knock them all down.

Whoops....okay, so I really don't know how to play
this but, Caleb and I were just messing around with
these guys.

Checkers......I really don't like this game. Caleb
always beats me.....always.

Pool....I love to play pool. Makes for a cool shot.

Thanks for stopping in,


ohhh, wishing you were doing better. Wishing I were doing better also. After 2 weeks, she did a test (evaluation) to compare to the first visit. Most were 15-20% better. But the "snow angel" test, I couldn't do at all. :(

Hoping that you continue to recover, speedily!

games? I love games. I had that perfection game in my classroom when I taught.

take care Pam!

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