Fall Colors in Tennessee

This year has been so much prettier with
fall colors than in the past few years.
I have not been out and about except going
to and from work so I have not gotten many fall
shots. But here is what I have gotten.
Added to the fall color I have a lot of these bugs...
Elderberry Bugs.
Red in color like the leaves on the trees.
Thanks for stopping in,


Stephanie said…
HI there! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I do appreciate it :) Your pictures are fantastic! I love the one of the red leaf in the fence, it's a great capture. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend!

pretty pictures pam! It didn't seem like we were going to have any color, due to lack of rain over the summer, but then suddenly POP, we had pretty color, but then just as suddenly we got rain, and most of the leaves seem to be on the ground now.

I hope you're having a good weekend!

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