Don't you just love it when a memory of your children
as small kids comes to you. It always brings a
smile to my face.
But when a memory is brought to your attention
it makes you smile even bigger.
My daughter met a little girl in kindergarten,
Jessica Cherry. They hit it off and became the
best of friends. Jessica came and stayed
the night a lot of times at our house.
My daughter is almost 32 now and she has
3 beautiful boys. Jessica would be either
32 or about to be and she has two beautiful
My daughter, Amber with her
youngest, Braden
And this is Jessica.

Jessica lives a couple of hours away from us now
so her and Amber don't get to see each other.
When Amber's 1st born was little, Jessica
came to town.
This is her and Caleb.

Oh, but I have gotten all the way off track...
Amber was not the only child I had, there was my son,
Cory. Cory was 6.5 years younger then these two girls....
and he was crushing big time on Jessica.
My son Cory.
At about 3 or 4 years old he LOVED Jessica so
much that one morning while I was making breakfast
I hear Cory knock on his sister's door and say,
"Jessica Cherry, I love you"
"Jessica Cherry, will you marry me"?
How adorable is that?
Now all these years have flown by but thanks
to facebook we are all able to remain friends and
have contact.
Today on private message over facebook Jessica
sent a message to Amber, Cory and myself telling
us that while going through some old letters she
ran across mail from Amber and this....
This really brought back some memories today.
Thank you Jessica for saving this all these years and
for sending this message to us all.
We love you girl and you will always be a fantastic
memory in my heart.
Thank you for stopping in,


sophistifunk said…
awww, such a sweet story!

xo brie

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