Night Out at Kim's

Last night I went to a friends house out in the
country for a get together and dinner.
We sat out in the nice cool weather on the patio and talked.
Felt great. I love this time of year.
Then I walked to the barn with Kim, Skip, and Bo to
check out the newborn ducks.
Okay, this has to be a first for me, standing in
a chicken coop! I am not a country girl at all, other
than my love for animals.
Aren't they pretty?
And friendly. Course Kim had to pick him up
and handed him to me but he was fine with it.
This is Kim's County Fair Prize Winning Roaster.
This is Kim standing on watching. I was
a tad bit nervous, afraid he would
decide to peck me. But this guy was nicer
towards me then my brothers bird.
Momma duck, sitting on about 8 to 10
eggs, best I could tell.
Kim was going to pick her up and check
out a baby that was hatched about 30 minutes before.
This was the first duck hatched. It was a little
older than the second one. Yes, that is
me holding that little baby.
Another first for me.
Kim and her baby, Blackie. This horse is so sweet.
This is the second horse that my grandson had
ever sat on or rode. Caleb had a major fear of
horses, until going to Kim's. She helped
him over come that fear, and Blackie
was amazing while Caleb set up on him and
took some riding lessons.
But now the fun of the night was to start.
Kim planned!
We were going to paint.
A Halloween painting...
This is the end result..
Back roll left to right~
Gail and neigbhor of Kim's.
Hidking back there is me with my painting.
Next to me is Jeremy, Kim's son.
Next, Skip - he went to the same school I did.
Melanie, I met through another friend.
Front roll, left .to right~
Dennis, hubby to Gail.
next to Kim is Bonita, went to school with her.
And next to Bo is Sam, Melanie's fellow.
Isn't this so funny?
And one more shot of all of us with our paintings.
This is my painting.
Thanks Kim and Jeremy, I had a great time, thanks for
the invite, the great dinner, the fun and laughs,
the painting time and the adventure with your
Thanks for stopping in,


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