Now doesn't he look like he is full of himself?
Like he is THE KING?
If you have not read the last post you might want
to jump back and read that.
This is Dakota, AKA The KING.
In his mind anyway..
About 2 years ago I noticed that Dakota was getting
"vocal".....He would make this low whin sound
deep in his throat when he wanted my attention.
But lately that has turned to a grunt. Yes, my dog
grunts like a pig. I really started to notice it
if I am not moving fast enough for him, like when
I am unlocking the door to go inside after being
somewhere. He is usually with me and he stands by
me, and grunts!
Usually when he sees me getting ready to go somewhere
he gets excited, his middle name should be "GO"..
But yesterday I was getting ready to go off and he
gets all excited dancing around. I went to put my shoes
on and told him he had to "stay". He lowered his
head and went upstairs. But....half way up the
stairs I heard a grunt!
Yes, he let me know that he was not happy about
having to stay home. I always thought it was neat
that my dog could not talk back like kids do...
but now mine does!
Thank you for stopping in,


LOL too funny Pam

Louie grunts when he's happy and talks when he's really excited. hahaha

it's funny how they have their own personalities.


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