I have funny things happen all the time but to
see a movement out of the corner of my
eye while sitting in the livingroom kind of
surprised me tonight.
I stopped what I was doing and looked over to
see a brown spot (not much light on) hop
I had a tree frog in the house!
I sit here for a minute or two to decide how he
could have gotten in only to lose him
in the living room.
I tracked him to the wall next to the window.

Please ignore the dust on my white baseboards while
you look at this guy climbing behind the curtains.

I caught him.....in a cup. I was
not going to run around trying to catch him
any other way and I put him out on the
front porch. I think he will find his way home now.
I figure that he came in with a BIG peace lily
plant that a friend brought in for me a couple of weeks
ago. I moved that out of the living room to the kitchen
today and I must have shook him out, only thing
I can figure. But when I put him out it was
on the porch right next to where the lily had
sat all summer, just home that the lily
was not his home!
It was easier to get him out of the house then it was
to get the red bird out that flew in a few years ago.
Thanks for stopping in,


oh my gosh, I would freak out if a frog was in my house! LOL

I hope your shoulder is doing well...I think about you often.

Bromeliad said…
Awww. He's so cute. (I grew up with frogs.)

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