Photos from the Past - Cory and Britney Wedding

An interesting thing about
being a photographer is
when your son gets
married and wants
you to photograph 
the wedding. 

Playing mother of the groom
and photographer is 

But with another family
member there that is
a great photographer 
helps out. 

This is my daughter
in law, Britney.

While shooting this I
did not realize that 
I blew it out. 
But afterwards I
realized I loved it.

Little playing around. 

This shot became my business

Cory was loving this.


Fun shot.

The groom and the best man.

It was a great wedding. 

My first time back to California since
I left at the age of 2, 
I was 

Britney did a great job
with her colors. Prettiest wedding
in red, white and black.
Photograph so well. 

The wedding was held in 
wine country in Southern Calif. 
The day could not have been 
any prettier. 

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Rhodesia said…
What great photos, life would not be the same without memories and pictures to go with them. My Mum did a great job of keeping photos and articles and I have a life time of memories that I would never part with, Well done Diane
Liz A. said…
Oooh, where in SoCal? That picture is perfect for a business card.
Sharon said…
It looks to have been a beautiful wedding! Great location for it.
Jeanie said…
That is such a beautiful compliment, to have your son want you to be the photographer -- because you don't ask someone to do that who doesn't do well! And I suspect it gave you a very relaxed entree to the guests as mom of the groom! It looks like a beautiful occasion, I love the photos and I'll bet it was fun. (But I hope you did get to eat and dance!)

I have just signed up to follow. And thank you so much for your comments on the Marmelade Gypsy. Yes, two blogs, although pretty much only family looks at the genealogy one. I don't mind others seeing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I don't post too often; I have to get back to it. In fact, as soon as I get one photo edited, there will be a new post!

Happy week, jeanie
MadSnapper said…
my favorite is the blow out. love it. and second favorite is the bride standing in the grooms hand. wow.
sage and spirit said…
Amazing photos! That is one of the best wedding shoots I've ever seen!

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