Reusing an Item for Something Else

Several years ago I spotted
a wine holder
at Walgreens after
Christmas on clearance.
For $5.00
I decided I could find a use
for it.

And the use I decided on was
to hold my hand towels in the
downstairs bathroom.
Makes grabbing a hand towel
so easy.

I picked up a spice rack
at Goodwill for
It did not take long
to decide what I would do
with it..

It holds my nail polish.

Visiting a friend at a yard sale
I found something that I wanted
for a special use.

A cup holder, but I was not
going to use it for cups.

It now holds my bracelets.

In the upstairs bathroom I
wanted a little height and
something to sort of just
hold things so they did not
spread out all over the place.

A cake plate works great.

Another friend redid her
cabinets and gave me a couple
of her smaller doors.

Took the door, painted it and
with the help of tacks
and chains I now have
something for my earrings.

Years ago I really needed
something for my necklaces.
I had so many and they
would stay tangled up..
I fixed that with a 16x20
frame, screen and drape
Necklaces never tangle anymore!

Now wasn't that fun?
Take a look around your
home and see what you can
find that might work
great in other ways.

Thanks for stopping in,


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