The Deck

I moved into my home
25 years ago.

There have been things I wanted
to do but something always
came before them. be able to enjoy the outside
without being eaten alive
by blood suckers
and to be able to spend some
relaxing time of my retirement
I decided that I needed to
have my deck roofed and screened in.

And the work begins.


Framing going up.

Ready for the tin roof.

I am so EXCITED.
Being an artist...I can see me
out there painting.

A few months ago I planned on
painting this

It is the wall that separates my neighbors deck
and mine
(I live in a zero lot line home).

This is the sort of pattern
I was going to go with.

Oops....looks like I can't
do that now!
But that is okay,
there is a section of my house
that will be under the roof of
my deck...
I see a bigger paint job
in my future!

Thanks for stopping in,


How exciting to have a new outdoor space!!

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