Nieces and Nephews - Old Brothers Side

 For Christmas the
kids wanted to do
pics for Ray and Lori,
my mom and Lori's mom.
of all them together.

Of course the day
we did it was at
nine in the morning,
on the lake
at it was barely
20 degrees.


Left to right back row:
Chase, Sean, Adam and Cobi
Left to right front row:
Jessica, Paige, Susan and
my great nephew Cole.

Brothers and sister:
Paige, Chase and Cobi

Brother and sister:
Sean and Jessica

Married into the family:
Adam - Paige's hubby
and Susan- married to Chase

Cobi and Cole

Chase and Susan with

Isn't Cole adorable?

Thanks for stopping in,


What a gorgeous family you have, Pam!! Happy Holidays to you all!
Darla M Sands said…
How sweet! And truly a lovely family. Best wishes!

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