Ornaments Over the Years

My son was born in 1987
and either that year or the next
I started making both my daughter
and son's Christmas ornaments.
I was big into cross stitch and there
was some really adorable patterns
around. And then again...some
I altered to make my own.

My son's ornaments are stored away
for the day he is ready for me
to send them to him in
I recently learned that thru
a move my daughters were lost
a few years ago.
Just breaks my heart.

The ornaments started very simple,
just for my son and daughter.
Then later I added me to that
The list grew.
I decided to add my nieces and nephew's,
my brothers and sis in laws
(usually one to share)
and friends.

Yep the list grew.
The last year that I made
everyone an ornament I
figured out of the 25 I made
I had well over 60 hours in them.
I decided to stop.

Since then I have done a few here
and there.

Here are some pics of only a few...
My nephew Chase.
He raced craftsman trucks under
the 98 number so I just did a simple
truck with his number.

I think 2000 must have been my last year to
make the ornaments. This
was Chase's that yr.

The best was the year he got
his license to drive.
When my daughter got hers
I copied and made a pattern
to match the license.
Chase got one from that pattern.

Keep in mind I have 3 nephews and
3 nieces so I don't have pics of
ones I did for each one of them.

my youngest brothers child.
Year #1

the next yr.
(and they are all dated)


Check out the hair on this one...

Some how or another when I was taking
pics of these on my brothers tree a couple
years ago I missed Holly's 1999 one.

So here is 2000

I also took pics of some I made
my brother and sis in law while
I took pics of Holly's.

There was a space and time there that
I skipped for some odd reason
cause this one was from





When my grandkids came along
I also did some for them.
Those being some that
was also lost with
my daughters ornaments.

But then later came my
great nephew and I
started some for him.

Coles first year 

 The problem with not doing
these every years is the years
do skip around.

But with that said I might not
cross stitch my grandkids,
my kids,
or my great nephew an
ornament but they get
one that I have made another
way or I bought specially for them.

Tonight, not being able
to sleep I decided I needed
to take pics of mine.

Looks like I started mine
in 1995.
Loving hot air balloons I
just had to make this one.



And loving clowns...
I had to do this one



But as I sit here tonight and look
over these knowing that one
year my grandchildren,
my nieces and nephews
and my great nephew
will one day be putting these
on their tree with their families
and remembering that they
were special enough to me
for me to have made these
for them...

I think I will start this tradition
back up for next year.
What do you think?

Also, there are several through out the
years that I made Baby's first Christmas
ones for showers.

Thanks for stopping in and please
come again,



What a talent you have, Pam! Those are treasures, for sure - wonderful heirlooms! Merry Christmas!!
Darla M Sands said…
You are so talented! These are lovely. I hope you do start the tradition again, perhaps on a much more manageable scale. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy to have found this! Merry Christmas.

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