Christmas Program with Caleb

He is an 8th grader now!
Growing so fast...
Yikes, and he will be driving in
2 yrs!
Caleb's chorus class
sang some songs during the
Christmas program at his
school right before Christmas.
He looked so handsome.

There are only 6 guys in a class of
so during one song, the girls sat
down and let the guys shine!
Caleb turned really red!

The school has such a bunch of
talented children.
I have to say it is really neat to sit in this gym
listening to the kids sing and play but also just
to look around and remember.....
Yep, I used to take gym in this
same room!
Many, many, many
years ago.
Matter of fact Caleb
is the 3rd generation to attend
here. Me, his uncle
and now him.
Cool history and a great
Thanks for stopping in,


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