Decorative Towels and Table Runner

My post are getting harder and harder
to come up with....
If nice weather don't come and
if I don't get out with my camera
or start crafting again
I am not going to
have anything to say....
Yeah, right!
My mother finds things that she
has put up and to not get
rid of them she gives them
to me, I think she knows
that I will not let somethings
I got it now, clear her house
out and send it all to mine...
This is a table runner that my
mom made years ago.
Not sure of the amount of
years but I know its been a
long time since she has done
stuff like this.
Great job mom.
These next two are decorative hand
towels that I made .....oh lets
see, about 29 or 30 yrs ago!
Actually since I was never good
on the sewing machine my mom
made the towels and
I embroidered on them.
I had totally forgotten about doing
these and giving them as gifts.

I gave up embroidery a short time after
that and started on cross stitch.
Funny that these showed up when they
did cause about a week or so ago
I posted on FB in my status that I wondered
if I embroidered on my jeans did anyone
think I could bring that style back! lol
So what do you think?
Thanks for stopping in,



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