The Ring and Other Stuff

I have a new friend that actually
went to the same school as I did,
I think she was a couple years younger.
Tracy is a sweetie.
I posted on FB a month ago about
stopping at Kohl's because I was in
need, yes in need of a new ring.
I love rings and they sell
silver ones, with my discount
I got in the mail it was
not going to be much.
But.....I looked and looked
and I did not find one that I just had
to have.
Tracy sent me a private message
that she was a silver smith!
Yesterday I got this
pic on FB with a message
that said'
"your ring is ready"!
And here it is on me after I picked it up!

She did such an awesome job.
I love it!
Been playing around with bottles
and paint.
My daughter likes bottles in different
colors so I thought I would
make a couple.
I did the blue one a couple of
weeks ago...but the red
orange one I just did.

My birthday continued from Friday
till Tuesday.
My partners in crime....(joke)
took me to lunch..
Thanks Cindy and Deborah.
Cindy gave me my gift Friday but
Deborah gave me this.
I fell in love with it....
so much so I will be making some.

These babies are from Debbie.
They fit right in with my rustic
looking stuff on the wall.

And yes, I opened this and busted out
Thanks Deborah.

A PINTEREST find....
This is now my story and I
will be sticking to it!

LOL....I can see my brother Mark
doing about it Mark?

Once upon a time I thought I would get
a tattoo! I thought about a bunch
of roses on my chest area but I figured
if I did, when I aged I would have
a bunch of long stem roses!
sorry, that is actually a joke! lol
Age has a way of making things fall...
Kind of like this:

Thanks for stopping in,


hahaha funny post!

Happy Belated Birthday Pam!

Love the tattoo joke. A lot of them out there are definitely not going to age well!

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