Around the Yard

Saturday Mother Nature was messing
with us folks in Nashville....
it was close to 70 degrees, still a bit
cool but sunny and pretty.
I had a wedding to photograph that evening
but I just had to get out around
the yard with the camera earlier in
the day.
Spring is coming up all over...

Tried for yrs to get ivy to grow on my creek
bed and never could.
A couple of years ago I threw some
clippings out and look
what I found!

Wow....winter took its toll on this pot.
I got this when I was teenage and I have
used it forever for plants. Should
have remembered to take it
in this winter.
Thursday for the weekend we had
some storms fly through looks
like I need to untangle the chime.

The creek that runs right along
side my driveway.

Look it even has little fishies.

Over the 21 yrs that I have been here in this
house I have noticed changes on the bank.
This being one. Used to you saw the
tip end of the tubing and you could
not see that metal sign sticking out
that apparently was buried while building.

Little bit of water just moving along.

This is the lot behind my yard.
My neighbor has been busy clearing
trees away.

To make this for his children.

Thanks for stopping in,


oh so sorry about your pot! spring peeking through... fabulous!

as I spoke to jamie on Sunday, she said... isn't it gorgeous? I was like, huh what? It was snowing here!!!

we're having a cold snap, and I'm so over it.


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