Chick a Dee and the Squirrel

Just a couple of weeks ago
this is what my birdfeeder
looked like when I looked
out the front door.
But Saturday this is how it looked.

At least that is how it looked before this
guy found the feeder.


I love this next shot....
grabbing for the saucer and
spilling seeds all over the place.
But I finally had to run that hog off
so this little baby could get
to the feed.

So pretty..

Thanks for stopping in,


Cheryl said…
Oh my goodness! That bird feeder is FABULOUS! Did you make that? Or did you buy it already like that? I now what a bazillion of those in my yard. Ohhhhhhhh so adorable! My only problem will be my cats not the squirrels lol
big hugs,

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