Food, Food, and More Food.....

Got your attention, didn't I?
Trying to stop eating out so much
and trying to eat better.
Last night I was in the kitchen washing
my Halo's off when the phone rang.
I knew it was mom or Amber cause
basically they are the only two that
ever call my land line.
It took about the 4th ring before I
got to the phone, I answered and mom
asked me what I was doing....
my reply, washing off my Halo!
Dead silence on her end and I
realized how that sounded.
I started to laugh then she chuckled.
Yep, she knows better!
Just like I tell people who
realize my birthday is on
Valentines day, that I have
tried to tell my mom I am a little
but she still don't buy it!
My Halo's!
So good and tasty but so little
I have to have two.
Dinner I fixed one day last night.
Roasted red taters, carrots, red bell pepper
and brussel sprouts!
It was great!

Now off the path of eating better....
my addiction since I was
a young teen.

Like Lays chips, can't eat just one!
I have a bad habit of not eating lunch
so I have been trying to work on that
and this is what sometimes becomes the
fill in! 
Several weeks ago I had the head crap.
Congestion, stuffy nose, watery eyes,
stopped up ears, runny nose, stuffy nose,
headache and cough.
Started on Saturday and ended
late Saturday. Hate working like that.
But, I finally kicked it.
A week later I was having issues
with my BP dropping and heart rate
going up.
And trouble breathing air in.
Asked by my doc how I felt when my
asthma kicked up.
Reply - I think I was diagnosed wrong
20 years ago,
I have not had issues in 15 yrs.
She felt it was my asthma and I thought
she was barking up the wrong tree.
After a breathing treatment I realized
that maybe having the MD after your
name really means more then my name
not having it!
15 years, and guess what has returned?
Leave it to me.
But I got this really cute card
in the mail from my aunt Martha.

I personally think I have the sweetest aunts.
This brought a smile to my face.
Thank you Aunt Martha.

Thanks for stopping in,


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