Halloween and Work Space


is just around the corner!

(pic from Pinterest)

Do you remember the days 
growing up 
and Halloween?
I remember when all the decor 
you put out
was a craved pumpkin with
a candle in it on the 
front porch. 
To be honest we never had
a pumpkin, we just had 
our pulled together 
costumes. We did not
even put anything on 
the door that I remember.

Times sure have changed
and people go all out
these days. Halloween
being my fave holiday I
really love seeing this.

Here are some pics I took
while out and about
in the car.

I love this one up
the street from me...
would really like to know
how they made the 

This is so cool.

On the side of the yard
they have all this.

And they have this on the mailbox.

I have the itch now
to do somethings in my
yard but I gave all my
Halloween stuff away to 
last yr when I took it
up to put away. 

I don't care for blow ups
but I have to say, this is

So what do you do when
when you are given a
table base?

You put rollers on it.

Then you top it and make a rolling work table. Saw fits great on it and I put a plug for the drill and stuff. 

I have to be honest...I have areas in my house that are still not unpacked.

I had started on the office once before but its a total mess now with boxes and crap. The den / craft room is a mess. And the basement needs a lot of work. The garage part was put together some what....

However, there is just so much crap that its hard to organize it cause I am working around stuff. Part of the problem in the basement was this~ at the back of the basement my dad had built a large work bench but for some odd reason it was made really tall. Now my dad was not a lot taller then me so the thought was prob to keep kids out of the tools. Anyway, I can't reach the peg board where I hung the tools. I have been struggling on what to do. 

It hit me yesterday. Don't use the tool bench. WHAT? haha....well there was a long section of kitchen cabinets that was taken out of the cabinets when my brother put oak ones in, he put a top on it. It was just inside the step up in the basement. Has doors and drawers. So, I put some hip action into it and moved it to the garage. I am going to install peg board above it for my tools. There is enough room on the side of the garage so that it will not be in the way when I pull the car in. 

Anyway...with all that moving and working in there yesterday I made a huge mess! You know how that goes, move stuff from here to move this there but when you move that stuff from there you actually have no place to move it till you move the other thing around!

Did you get all that. 

I am letting the house go this week while I work in the garage. I plan on getting it workable. Another reason for not using the made work bench and moving the new one to the front of the garage is I don't want to saw in the basement or garage and make that sort of mess. The rolling work bench will allow me to move right outside the open garage, do my sawing and come back in to drill and screw together. Be silly to have it set that way if other tools are in the basement. Now with all this in my head and being applied to the garage, things should flow better. 

Pics will come after I have that mess cleaned up. 

Do you have a special work place for crafts, painting, sawing etc?

What about your yard, do you put out Halloween things? What about the front door? Like I said, I love Halloween, I enjoyed putting things out but I felt I was doing more then my body wanted me to...however I miss it. Also, when I did not have kids at home anymore, I stopped staying home to give out candy. I always plan to go out with friends and avoid the candy given thing. 



Brian said…
Those decorations are so cool, we really like that last one. Sounds like a good plan for the work bench thing.
Christine said…
We will see what Halloween looks like this year, I worry about chocolate and costume sales.
Sandee said…
Some folks go all out for Halloween. I'm going to tour our neighborhood and see what's out.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to all your babes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
My house is a perpetual mess. ~shakes head~ I have half finished projects and art supplies everywhere, it seems, and my husband has a ton of old computer games and parts cluttering the cellar, closets, and his office. ~sigh~ At least we don't have issues with one another over it. And we both love Halloween. :) So that's good, and I'm seeing more decorations than ever around here, perhaps in defiance of what the Communist Chinese government has done to the world. Be well!
Ann said…
Loving all those Halloween decorations. I do put out some stuff in the house but don't decorate outside any more.
I use my daughters old bedroom as my craft room but will work in other parts of the house depending on what I'm doing. I wish I had a place to spray paint. I can do it outside if it's not windy but that's not usually the case. I hate doing it in the basement because then the whole house smells.
Liz A. said…
And then you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself about. . .
CHERI said…
Some people really go all out with the decorations. I tend to stick with the "cutsie" vs the gory and scary. I just saw where Lowes (or maybe Home Depot) has this huge skeleton that costs about $200 and they are sold out! Ummm...think I could find something better to spend that kind of money on, but to each his own! You are soooo industrious. I need you as my neighbor!
Jeanie said…
I think your neighbors bought their yard stuff at the same place mine did. It's a great display, isn't it? I love the carriage (hearse?).

I can't do any office workin my office. I have to do a major throw out or at least organize.

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