Queen Ann's Lace, Saving the Day and USA

 Saturday I was to work 

another wedding.
For the first time in 
a long while, I grabbed
my camera and headed out.

Was taking my camera so I 
could stop of the side of the 
road and do some

I love Queen
Ann's Lace.
Esp this shot below.

On my trip home I was
a tad tired so I did
not stop but a couple
of areas.

But...here I am on my
way to the wedding before
I wore myself out.

How did I get so worn out?
Just so happen that the brides
cousin was shooting the wedding,
with a borrowed camera that 
she was not sure of and I 
was asked by Julie if
I had my camera.
AMAZING, like I said,
I have taken it in
a while.

I ended up shooting
the wedding.

So, assisted one of Friday,
assisted and shot on 
Saturday and shot on 

Sunday however was a gift,
a friend whom rides motors
has a friend in their group
that has cancer. Him and his
GF have been together for 
about 12 yrs. I was not 
asked but I did elect to 
shoot if they did not have
a photographer.
Although the groom
tried to pay me, I 
would not take it.

 My 4th of July 
door decor.
Had the USA from 
a couple yrs ago but
I added the truck on 
the bottom.

Here's to you having a 
great week.



Sandee said…
It's good that you had a camera for both events. You do so very well.

Love the door decoration. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Ann said…
I've always liked the look of Queen Annes Lace.
That sounds like and exhausting weekend.
Darla M Sands said…
You're so generous. ~hugs~ I'm letting Queen Anne's lace grow wild in various places. :D Take care!
Brian said…
That's really good camera work! Love the USA with the pickup truck!
Liz A. said…
Tomorrow, June 29th, is national camera day. FYI.
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, that was so nice of you to offer to take pictures of the couple. I've always loved the Queen Anne's Lace. It's such a pretty flower. And I like your 4th of July door decor. Don't really have much decor for the holiday, only a TROLL with red, white, and blue hair! haha

Have a good week, Pam. I hear it's really hot in some states, so try to stay cool.

Marie Smith said…
Love that door decor!

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