Meet Me

Hi….for those of you that just stop in the view
my site I thought maybe it was time for you to
meet me (for the ones that don’t know me already).

Okay, so this is me with my makeup on! LOL….
I try to not leave the house without my face on.
You women out there can relate I am sure……

Actually, this was last Halloween. The
department I work for has a Halloween party,
pumpkin carving/painting contest (which
I won….I was the only one to do it) and chili
cook off. So I pulled my stand by outfit out
and put it on.

Why would I have all this stuff? Hum…..of yes,
I remember, many, many, many (okay, that is
enough manys) I use to do kids parties as a
clown. I checked out a book from the library
and taught myself to tie balloon animals
(most of that forgotten now), I did acts with
my shoe laces, hula- hoop, tied and made
faces on the balloons, and ran around like
I had no better sense (kids love that).
Course the fun part was when my kids got older
and they had to ride in the car with me going to
and from parties. I remember a many of times that
they got in the floor board of the car! There just
comes the times when you need to pick at your kids...
me waving at everyone I passed pretty much took
care of that!

I really can’t recall how I got into it other then
I use to dress up before I had kids on Halloween
and answer the door to give out candy. I was
good with a witch and also with my clown.
With both I could get up and act out and get
away with it! But shortly have marrying I was
invited to a Halloween party so my ex and I
went as clowns. The early days had me putting
my hair in pigtails with colored ribbons. Later
I purchased the wig. The hat use to be my
daughters when she was young, the outfit I
made from a skirt from Goodwill and sewed
to metal hangers in the bottom for the hoop.
I wear the colorful socks and shirt. The glasses
I think I purchased at a kids store. Then I throw
on some beads and I actually have earrings that
are clowns. The clown doll I carry or sometimes
push in a doll stroller was made by my Mom.
She use to make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls
and when my nephew was sick with cancer, she
made this one for him.

As for the face, which I have gotten complements
on was just a trial and error thing. I just did what
I thought would look nice and went with it.

I no longer do parties but I pulled this stuff out
twice last year for the first time in a while.
First was for the Relay for Life. I did this to support
and bring more fun to my friend’s booth. Then
again for our Halloween party here at work. I
love doing this.

Enjoy the pics. I see you laughing!



Pam D said…
I love it! The fact that you can create a character and play and have fun just gives me great delight! Kids love adults who aren't "serious" all of the time, and I guess that's where clowns come in. You do it well.. and I think it's very cool!

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