Cell Phone Etiquette

Okay folks here’s the deal, common sense and common
courtesy! That should pretty much say it all but as
we all know, it don’t.

First let me say, I was probably one of the very last
people in my age group to jump on the age of techno
with a computer in the home and a cell phone in the
pocket. I got my computer maybe five years ago and
my cell just three years ago.

The computer was not that hard for me to get the
hang of since I worked on one at home but the
phone…who would have ever thought something
that little would be so hard for me to get. I always
said I would never have one, I made fun of people
who talked while driving, thinking that it should be
able to wait till they got home. Then I had wreck,
it just so happened that I hit the guy I worked with
(that is another story), so I was able to use his phone
but I realized I needed one. I spent a lot of time to
and from, here and there, alone in the car and usually
at night, I knew it would be best to have a phone.
Funny thing is, I love change, but I still have the
same phone I got three years ago!

Anyway, I am one of those people that talk in
the car and no it can’t wait till I get home cause
by then so many more thoughts have entered
and left my mind that I will have forgotten. I do
my best thinking while driving, so when I think,
I have to make that call then to relay something
to someone that I thought of.

But where do you cut it off? Me, I try to think
about those around me. Of course it is a given
that they get cut off in the movies or a show. I
try to take it a step further, if I enter a restaurant
to eat, I cut mine off, or at least on silent (at least
I try to remember to do this). To me there is
nothing more disturbing then eating a meal, talking
with family or friends and someone’s phone rings.
It is usually loud, or a catchy tune, a song, then you
have someone with a loud voice answer it. Personally,
I don’t care to hear that one sided conversation, and
for some reason most people feel the need to talk
louder into a cell phone.

Next, a restroom? Come on, that is just too far. The
other day I was coming out of the restroom at work
only to be almost mowed down by a young girl running
in texting (that is another part I will get into). Then
today, I was going into the stall (yes, I know you wanted
that visual) and here was yet another young woman
on her cell phone, as she talked she paced up and down
in front of the stalls (including the one I was in) talking
in an unknown (at least to me) language. LOUDLY, I
might add. Take it out of the bathroom!

Texting, dangerous if driving. Against the law in
Tennessee if driving, this law just past. Personally,
I don’t do it. I am at a computer all day, if I wish to
send someone a typed message, I will send an email,
if I wish to call someone, I will use the phone! Simple.
I have sent a few, received some, but on a whole, I
don’t do it.

In public, step away from the group, or others to take
your call. Excuse yourself and go to an area that you
can speak where the general public is not subject to
your one side conversation…..this goes esp. to you
teen girls! Oh my gosh…..I don’t care! I understand you
are young, once I was too, but stop with the silliness
on the cell phones in public. Actually most of the times
I can walk past all this and ignore but since I was bring
up phone etiquette I thought I would throw this in there.

These statements are my opinion and my opinion
only…take it for what it is, you may or may not
agree. Just think, use common sense, and with
that said, that will leave a lot of people out of the

If you key Cell Phone Etiquette into the computer
the internet will hit upon some of this stuff I mentioned
and it has other points also. Check it out.



Pam D said…
I am all "AMEN" and "hear-hear!" on this one, girlfriend. Drives me batty to see how manners have just disappeared in the past 10 years or so. The language that some folks use on their calls, right in front of me and my child, appalls me. And then they look at me as if I'm an evesdropper.. um, excuse me, but we're standing in LINE at the deli? Take it outside if you're gonna cuss out your boyfriend. Please. grrr. And don't EVEN get me started on those darn Bluetooth headsets. I've had people come walking towards me, looking right AT me and talking. I'm looking all around, there is nobody else, and I'm trying to figure out what they're saying and what they want. And then they walk right by and I see that stupid thing in their ear. Embarrassing. Once again, grr. I don't even talk on the phone in the car, because Adam is usually with me, and I have to be careful of what he sees (no speeding. no tailgating. no agressive driving. he's taken away ALL of my fun). Anyway, I'm with you... 100%!

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