Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Morning all,

This is my second post for Trash to Treasure
Tuesday. These are a few items that apparently
were trash to someone else, or at least not
needed by this someone any more. I found
these three items a couple of weeks ago at
my local Goodwill store.

I am not a big shopper of Goodwill but my
Mom is, she has found great buys there
more then once. I go in from time to time
just to see if there is something there that
I can use in one of my projects. Something
to change, paint or add to.

The candle holder I just loved. Solid brass.
I decided to keep this one, for now, for my
home. I am going to add some beads to it
hanging down to match my living room.
I will for sure post a pic once I have that
done. I found this one for $1.99.

Next is the jewelry box. Bottom draw pulls
out, top lifts up. Inside and outsides are in
great shape. I think I will put new life into
this with a coat of paint and something
painted on the top of it. I paid a whole $1.49
for this piece. Make a nice gift for someone
once I have finished it. Yes, I will post pics
of it when it is finished also.

The mail holder with drawers was an awesome
buy, I believe it is old, it is solid wood and all it
needed was cleaning up. I am not touching this
with paint or anything. I love the look of it as is.
This now sits on my desk. I paid a total of $4.99
for this piece.

The thing here is that I need to stop going out
and looking for more to do. I am a mixed media
artist so I always have enough to keep me busy.
I do oils, make jewelry, crafts, and I photography.
Why am I looking for something more to do??
Cause I need to keep things on hand for when
I need a change. When I am tired of doing this
or that, there is something else there for me
to pick up and run with. Course my Mother
always said that I started a lot of things, but
I left a lot not finished….I guess I would get
bored with things before I finished them……
that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Thanks for stopping in….


Carmen said...

I love the mail holder!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pam
You have some great bargains...every one of them is something I would have liked too!

Thanks for being a part of 2nd Time Around!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful mail holder , that's a real treasure.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

great finds. Love that mail holder!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Ooh, I love the mail holder too. You're right, it's beautiful "as is", and I don't say that very often! :)

Cheri Peoples said...

A great find. One man's trash is another's treasure is so true.
This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come by for a visit and stay awhile.
Its So Very Cheri I also have a party on Mondays called the Knock Off Knock Out go check out some amazing projects.

Its So Very Cheri

Kath' said...

I have to see how you finish the jewelry box. I have one like it that I to will redo for someone. I love making things look pretty. I will be waiting to see it finished.lol
Come check out my blog for contest to enter and I will be soon putting pictures up of projects too. www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.com and my friend Gail has blog contest too at www.thesassybeach.com tell her Kath sent you. See you soon