Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Okay ladies and gents after scrolling through
some other blogs I have ran across some
people who blog on Tuesdays
and call it Trash to Treasure Tuesdays.
That sounds like fun and since I love to
treasure hunt in thrift stores, yard
sales and Goodwill, I thought I would
give this a try. Bear
with me since I am new to this.....
Several years ago my neighbor
was sitting things out
by the road for the trash pick up.
She had an antique side table that
had one of the legs broken. I looked over
at it several times before I decided
that I needed it, maybe
I could make something from it.
After taking it apart I had the table
top of course, two wooden spindle
type parts that went from the table top
to a board near the bottom that four
curving legs came out (one of those legs
was busted up really bad). I figured
I could use the first three pieces I
The table top was started, and yes,
I have not finished, to
be a tray. I started an oil painting
on it and one of these
days I will make myself finish it.
Keep in mind also that
I used all these parts as is, no
restaining or painting, even
the table top was having an
image painted on it using the
background as is.
Next came the two spindle type parts,
I decided they would make great candle
holders. My brother helped
with this project by cutting a small
part from one to make it a bit shorter.
I then took two small clay saucers
(used under clay pots) and glued them
to the top of these
legs and set my candles on them.
Next was the odd piece that seperated
the spindle part and the four unuseable
legs, what could I do with that? There
were two holes near each end of this
piece where the spindle parts were attached.
I decided to go and buy to
large glass knobs at the hardware
store and fix them into
those holes, then I applied a hook in
the center between
the knobs. This has become my
necklace holder.
Both these projects were easy to
do, did not take much
time and turned out very well I
think. Thanks to an
old, worn out, broken down table.
I was able to use
most of the parts and yes, I do need
to finish the table
top for my tray.
Thanks for stopping in to view
my Trash to Treasures


craftymug said…
You are so creative. Who would have thought you could make such pretty candle holders and jewelry rack from someone's junk. I love it when I think of a creative idea, which is not very often. Love your blog. I'm glad you found mine!
SmilingSally said…
How creative! Thanks for sharing. Happy 2nd Time Around Day.
Hi Pam,
Love your new creations. Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!
jeanne said…
Hi Pam, Good job on finding the table and using it for decorating as well as being useful. I love what you did with the pieces shown above. Now I can't wait to see the table top. Get going girl. Smiling!

What a fabulous repurposing job you did! How clever of you! Those candle holders are divine!


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